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All of the links here, were found during the late 1990's (and have since been 're-tested' up to May 2002). If you encounter any problems, please Email me and I will amend accordingly. If you've any suggestions for additions, like-wise. These are all biased towards my interests, of course and towards my Marine Engineering background. So be it!

Obviously please, DO NOT rely on any data, weather or tidal information provided. Where lives may be at risk, always seek up-to-date local knowledge and information.

I am also keeping my personal Bookmark Page here, (there will be duplicates) however, it gets updated more frequently.

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Navigational Software, Suppliers

Pro-Mar Software's Navigation Site for Professional Mariners Windows based navigation software for mariners. Shareware available as well, from this site  

C-MAP Quick Chart References PC based C-Map Charting site, US based

GARMIN International WebSite All about Garmin's GPS offerings

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Weather, Tides and related Information resources

IMS, University of Plymouth  The Institute of Marine Studies - Plymouth UNI Hydrography Dept. 

Tide Predictor   This URL once gave latest tidal information for London Bridge, but UK sites are no longer available due the "Fiscal constraints" placed by the UK Government dept. concerned - If anyone can find these again I'd appreciate knowing where?

European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting  Very good graphical displays of Atlantic and Europe Weather patterns, next 3 to 6 days 

(GIS) WWW Resource List  Listing of Geographical Information Sites, with Mapping Software and Geological sites shown 

UK Weather Links

The Met. Office - Shipping Forecast From The UK Meteorological Office - Enough said.

NERC Satellite Station, Dundee University, UK   Satellite Images. I/Red and Visual, available daily soon after 12:30 GMT. Beware sizable JPEG images.

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Electronic Component Suppliers and Related Products

H.F. Radio On Board Specialists in High-Seas Communications MARINE SSB - HAM - SATELLITE - E-MAIL

ICOM America, Inc. Drill down from here for information on Icom's Marine VHF - SSB equipment.

Adverc BM - Home page Producers of Automotive and Marine battery charging electronics and equipment. Good range of batteries at reasonably sensible prices. Very helpful staff.

Autohelm online (Now "RayMarine") The full range of Raytheon Marine Products

Motorola Semiconductor Products Link to Motorola's Web-Site data-sheets available for the technically minded.

Now RS Components Electronic and many more components from Radio-Spares ( as I used to know them ) online ordering and you no longer need to have an account.

Henry's Electronics  Henry's market electronic components and many good home-build kits for the hobbyist

Lucas Varity Page Whatever happened to Lucas Electronics?

Maplin Electronics  Maplin market electronic products and kits for home-building

RSGB Contents Page Radio Society of Great Britain, mainly for the Ham radio enthusiast, but with leads to radio information, Aerials etc.

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Travel & Country Related sites

Polish World Home Page Travel Guide to Poland (Also available in English text)

New Zealand / Aotearoa on the Web The Land of the "Long White Clouds"

British Airways Global Home page On-Line flight time-table and more

Multi map - Interactive maps of Great Britain The following two sites - Where you can enter a place name, grid location or post-code and get a GIF map of the immediate area

UK Street Map As above, but slightly better image maps, methinks?  Now has Aerial Photographs as well.

River Thames Lisa Osta 's site. Pictorial journey along the River Thames from source to the sea.  Many other River & Inland Waterways links off from this site.

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Various 'Pointer Sites' to other Nautical Web-Sites


Pointers Link page from the University of Upsala - Sweden. Many more sites of Marine interest

Best Boating Web Pages More Web-Sites that concern boating in general (USA Site).


Marina Developments Limited Our Home Marina, still a private company and fairly well run, I have to admit, albeit a little expensive.

Marine Data Internet A Treasure house of information about Boats, Marine engines, Yachting, Motor boating and the Marine Industry in general.   (their words, not mine)

The Marine Do-It-Yourselfer Bob Pone's US site, (I thought a little 'tacky') Lots of useful hints and tips for boating

AboarD Boats & Yacht Market Ltd - Marine sail, motor and charter companies In English, French and Spanish. Commercial 'Yellow Pages' site for a host of advertisers

John Freeman (Sales) Ltd. Home page. Andrew Corless-Sheridan's home of the Freeman Boat Owners Club.

Chillington Marine  Blake's, Taylor's and Lavac Marine Loo's and other products. British Seagull outboard spares, cookers

Cruising Equipment - Monitoring the world's energy. Marine & Automotive Battery state of charge, advanced charging systems, load management systems

Mermaid Marine Engines Mermaid still sell the Ford ( Marinised ) engines that I have in Kahawi. Thus a good source of spares for anyone else with 30 year old 6-litre diesel engines!

International Yacht Paints - a division of Courtaulds Coatings The Yacht paint we have ALL used over the years

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Medical Sites

BMJ The On-line British Medical Journal

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust Partners in Care I was too old to go here! Link to the Princess Diana Memorial Fund. Get a credit card from them (Bank of Scotland) and make a donation every time you use it.

Institute of Medical Genetics - Cardiff Information on Genetic disorders. Contains search engine of Human Gene Mutation Database

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Marine-Related and UK Governmental Agencies

RYA Home Page The National governing body for pleasure boating in the United Kingdom.

The British Coast guard Agency web site The UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Environment Agency Concerned with Environmental issues. Controls some (but not all) River Navigations in the UK

UKHO United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. "Admiralty Charts and Publications"

Lloyds Register of Shipping LR not only serves the shipping industry but provides offshore and industrial advisory and inspection services.

British Waterways British Waterways manages 2,000 miles of the UK's canals and river navigation's.

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Catalogue and suppliers sites

PPL Sailing Picture Library Site has some good on-line boating photo's available

PBO Forums Practical Boat Owner Home Page, drill down for various boating interest 'Forums'

KORAB Marine Links Collection A Polish site, this young man has really put together an amazing collection of links. Well worth a visit, there are some fascinating agencies, institutions onward from here

PinOak Digital Easily send and receive e-mail, data, graphics, weather and photos, reliably, securely. In your Boat, using SSB Transceiver

Paint Research Association (PRA) Home Page The Paint Research Association, Middlesex, UK

WWW Sailing Pages US Site, with Masses of links to Sail-Related sites - Now called "SmartGuide"

Institute of Metal Finishing General information about the Institute. I was looking for chromium plating - and came across this site.

VETUS - Supply and Equipment Catalogue VETUS DEN OUDEN, Inc. Assume we have all heard of this catalogue?

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Search the Catalogue Once was the CERN Server - (Sailing/Boating was down there?)

Welcome to West Marine - Supplier of Boating Equipment US site, they will send a catalogue to a UK address. More deep pockets required!

Web Masters International, Inc. US based ISP, with links to Fishing, Wind-Surfing and Sailing pages etc.

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Welcome to BT Internet Our hosts, be nice to them (Now "BTOpenWorld")

American Express AMEX? Gee what's that Buddy? Universally Rejected - ALL over the World! 

Tour Mondex Wasn't this heralded as the next best thing to buy sliced bread with? - Mondex Electronic Cash is the secure, convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional notes and coins, worldwide. Anyone ever heard of it?

BBC Engineering Information Official BBC site gives transmitted frequencies for BBC Radio and Television programs. Also World Service information.

The television Test Card Ever wondered who the little girl is? Or why the Clown has yellow buttons? Here is all you ever wanted to know about the BBC Television Test Card - Wear your Anorak as you read this, you can even download "Test-Card" screen-savers!

Marks & Spencer Urszula's favourite WebSite!

Whisky Web - The World's finest Whisky site MY Favourite WebSite! Search for your favourite 'Tipple' - Tastings require a 'Flash' add-on to Netscape!

UK Government Information Service The UK government's Cabinet Office. Stacks of UK Government Information

Press Association UK News Centre On-Line News information

Alchemy Mindworks Inc. Most of the Graphics used on this site have been manipulated by GWS, one of the products available from this bunch of likable 'Freaks' - (Just have a read of one of their 'legal dogma' files)

JANET Information WWW Server JANET is the United Kingdom's academic and research network, where all this 'Internet Stuff' originated.

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We have no financial connection with any of the sites represented. Their inclusion or exclusion is purely coincidental and does not in any way reflect the value, (or otherwise) of their products.  Other links pages are available on the Internet.  No small furry mammals were harmed during the production of this Web-Site.  This is a serving suggestion only, cutlery is NOT included.  38-calibre bullets contain lead and may be harmful if taken internally.
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