June 8th 2002 - The "New" Bookmark Page

Why Change a good thing?

That amazingly talented British post-war comedian Spike Milligan once said:-
"Tonight I was going to play one of Irving Berlin's songs; but then I thought, why should I?  He never plays any of mine!"

And so, here are some Web-Sites that have been kind enough to have included a link back to our site - We reciprocate:-

Individual Sites that link to us:-

Tour Britain.com Britain's Premier Travel Web Site

Barry Erskine's Sailing/Yachting Site

The UK Sailing Index - A good start for anyone "Surfing" for UK-Based, Marine & Boating services

Sailing the Atlantic, Cruising the Caribbean - Phaon Reid's travels in "Avalon of Arne". (Phaon has been "quiet" for a while now though)?

Sailing Yacht "Buruda" - Michael Sammut's site, Based in Malta. What a place to live & work?

Cruisenews.Net - Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories

River Thames and "Boaty things" - Dot & Ian's Web-Site is a mine of good information about the River Thames, it's history, both natural and political, as well as their journeys abroad in France and Holland, well worth the visit.

CoolSam's USofA Site - based in Tampa Bay - (A little "Godly" in places) nonetheless a lot of good info and boating links, hint & tips 

Search Engines:-

About > Sports > Sailing - Specifically a sailing/boating search engine

Google UK - We receive many hits per day from this very good UK search engine.

BBCi, This Search Engine has become very popular (due to some clever television advertising), in less than a week!


DogPile Search - (Yes Really)!

"Sailability" is a non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing sailing opportunities for everyone, regardless of age or disability - Here is the UK version

If you have come here from one of the Search Engines, then the old bookmark pages can still be found by clicking here. But do take a look around our site before you leave?

If I have missed your site off this list sorry, I regularly monitor site referrals and will be updating this list as they occur. Otherwise, please do email me with your URL.

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