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You have to write the text of each page into Hyper-text Mark-up Language - "HTML", which is not so much a programming language, as a set of embedded markers around the text (Originally devised, in part, by the printing profession as 'hidden markers' to use for correctly formatting printed pages). Try a 'right-click' with your mouse now and choose 'view source' to see the actual document as it is produced in HTML.

There are some standards but, sadly not every Web-Browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer Eudora etc.) complies with these. So the attempt, is to write HTML, that covers the minimum set and thus will look OK for everyone who may surf by the site, with whatever "Browser" they are using.

Basically, for each page, you take straight text and using some form of editing tool, convert it into HTML, by adding the appropriate symbols, to convince a Browser to display in BOLD or in ITALIC or to show An Image as an example IMAGES and so on. It isn't 'Rocket Science' but then again, it isn't all that easy either!

Being an avid 'Internaut' I searched and tried a number of different HTML editing tools and one day found - Anansi Logo and link to the Anansi Website - ANANSI - a product by Harry Bosma. I immediately liked Harry, he was not keen on frames or Java or this concept that you have to add as many moving Graphics as possible to make - My Site Better than Your Site! - So in an unusual step (for most Web-Surfers), I actually PAID for a copy of 'ANANSI' - We became sponsors. I waxed and waned, but have (now that I better understand how to use it) stayed with ANANSI as THE HTML tool to use.

Graphics & Imaging tools

From the old 'CompuServe' Days, I knew of Alchemy Mind-works who have provided any number of products - over the years - for manipulating images Of every type - From/To every other type - Thanks Guys (may they never use 'hooks' on you!) Every image we use here, has been fiddled with, either using GWSDos or GWSWin for 95 or 3.11 They all work really well, if you are 'Into' Graphics try them out.

Our images

Most of the images you see around this site were scanned in from our own photographs taken over the years, more recently with our own small digital camera - or Emailed to me by contributors.


Other images have been blatantly copied from Web-Sites various, that we have visited.

(In MY opinion, if you publish on the Internet, then, you are launching off into Public Domain - So, don't blame me for borrowing your stuff, to enhance my site) However, if anyone IS particularly offended by my use of some graphic or other, that they can legally prove is originally their own then let me know. I will remove it immediately and publish a full apology!

I fully expect other Web-Masters to steal our images - In a similar fashion. But if you DO SO, how about a mention on the links page or an email to us please?

Daniel Blacklaws - I have left you till the end.

25th September 2001 should have been your twenty-first birthday. By then you would have been a very clever young man, rising throughout some commercial hierarchy or other. But this was not to be. Six years before; you departed this earth, struck down - in a curious stroke of fate - by an inherited virus, very much like those that affect the computers you loved so much.

How much you would have liked to have setup your own Web-Site? And how good you would have been at doing it? With your artistic and graphics capabilities? I believe your Heaven must be full of parallel-processing computers. Each one, having infinite storage and memory capacity - All for you to play with.

You are now, guaranteed to be Virus Free forever. May you "rest in peace"

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