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Search Engine

Use the Advanced Search Engine to find particular topics of interest on the Kahawi Web-Site by keyword(s):-

Sorry, but 'AtomZ' who provided the search engine on this site for many years, have stopped support.

When I get time, (2020 - The year of Covid and Cancer for me) I will try to implement another search facility - Watch this space...!

The Guest-Book?

As above, the Guest-Book code no longer works (it has been 20 years since I first wrote this site)!

Most of the previous comments are, therefore long out-of-date.

Any other comments, or contributions please Email me

The Feedback Form

And again, the contact form has stopped working. I do have a stand-alone version of this, which I will upload as-and-when I get the time.

Forum Area

(The Forum has been shut-down as our 'freebie' supplier has removed this facility)

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