Marlin 'Hunter' arrives in North Devon

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 And then there were two
And then there were two
2018_marlin_hunter (2)
The Mazda gets a friend
2018_marlin_hunter (3)

2018_marlin_hunter (4)
Mumm, no less!
2018_marlin_hunter (5)
Well, it has to be done?
2018_marlin_hunter (6)
How clever to take a 'Selfie' at our age...!
2018_marlin_hunter (15)
At Coventry, with Terry Mathews
in May 2016
2018_marlin_hunter (16)
Urszula has her own No. plate!
2018_marlin_hunter (10)
Peter's V8 came to play
2018_marlin_hunter (11)

2018_marlin_hunter (7)
2018_marlin_hunter (8)
A brace of Marlins
2018_marlin_hunter (9)
Dinky toys?
2018_marlin_hunter (14)
Polished chrome
2018_marlin_hunter (13)
Interior, with missing trim around the radio
2018_marlin_hunter (12)
145-bhp I'm told
(yes, I know I need to polish that rocker-cover)!

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